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If you value being liked, and value your friends, then this book may not be for you. This E-book will teach you step by step how to become the envy of all your friends and family. You can become Extremely Wealthy, while also being the target of envious family members. If you want to "Become Hated" but also financially independent, then read on. We are not going to give a 20 page sales pitch trying to convince you to purchase our E-book. We are so certain that this book will be more valuable then every other online money making ebook out there combined, that we don't feel we need to write pages and pages of text trying to convince you.

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Who Wrote this Book?
There are actually 7 of us who contributed information for this revolutionary E-book. Our ages range from 24 to 49 years old, and we have one thing in common. We are all rich and hated! Combined, the 7 of us earn over $530,000 per month online, while working no more then 2-3 hours per day.

Why are you Giving Away Your Secrets?
We aren't going to lie to you. We did have second thoughts on publishing alot of this information. However, with over 880 million people with internet acccess worldwide, we did not feel that publishing this E-book with our secrets and strategies would put our already established online businesses in much jeopardy.

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What gave you the Inspiration to Write this E-Book?
Quite frankly, we felt as a group that all the e-books currently on the market were filled with too much fluff. In order to learn about Search Engine optimization a web author would need to buy an SEO ebook for $99, or to learn about Adsense Tricks and tips pay another $99 for an Adsense E-Book. We basically combined our talents to publish what will be considered the most comprehensive "Online Money Making" E-Book ever written. Why buy 15 E-books about 15 separate topics when this one E-book will teach you everything and anything you need to know about making money online?

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So, What are the Topics this E-book Will Cover?
Well, Here is the index. As you will see, just about every online money making opportunity is discussed and then the reader is provided with step by step instructions on how to get the most out of each money making opportunity. You will not find pages and pages of unnecessary jargon. Every section is filled with unique facts, and genuine instructions on how to succeed in each area.

Running your own website
   Affiliate Programs
We will discuss the various types of affiliate programs, as well as outline what you should look for in a program.

   Which ones (affiliate programs) are the best?
We give dozens of links to the affiliate programs which have performed the best for us and the general marketing population.

   About Database Feeds
Tips and hints are provided on how to find the best free datafeeds and how to implement, then optimize them for best results.

   Drop Shippers
Information on where to find the best dropshippers and why we feel dropshippers can perform better than affiliate programs.

   The best way to do it (specific products)
This section will explain which products succeed, how to find a good product to sell and how to go about setting up your affiliate website to optimize the industry you are entering.

WebSite Content

   Content based introduction

   Ways to get free content for your website
Discussion on several great ways to obtain free content to build a website.

   Tips on writing your own genuine content
The tips the Pros use, and don't want others to know about.

Google Adsense
The best advice anyone can give you to turn a $10 a day site into a $1000 a day empire.

   How to optimize your site for google adsense.
The legal tricks the elite money makers are using.

   How to get the highest click-thru on your google adsense ads.
What are the best ways to display adsense code to get an optimal click-thru rate

   Other ad publishing companies.
Adsense is not the only company that will pay you. In fact there are a few hidden gems out there. We discuss the postives and negatives of each.

Sell a product or service
A professional outline filled with dozens of tips on selling your own products online

   Best ways to sell these items (affiliates)

How to drive the most traffic to your site via Search Engine Optimization and other means

Paid per click search engines

   The Tips of the Pros
   What are the tricks to find the best keywords?
   Some examples of how you can send visitors to a site and turn that traffic into revenue

All About Blogs, From the Beginning to the End
How to create a blog, and then turn it into a $1000+ a day business!

Press releases
Discussion about writing and releasing a Press Article for distribute, and how to drive thousands of visitors to your site via these Press Releases.

Search Engine Optimization Tips
We will tell you specifically the top Search Engine Optimization Techniques for various types of websites. You will rank in the top 5 in google for almost any term you like if you follow our strategic guidelines. This section is worth the money you pay for this e-book alone.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs)
We will give detailed instructions on how to make huge returns in this extraordinarily unstable Industry.

Get Paid to Surf, Read, click Programs
We discuss which programs are the ones you want to join, and the earning potential of the various types of "Get Paid to" Programs. We will provide you with expert advice on what to look for in a stable and potentially lucrative program.

Work at home programs
   What are they?
   Do they work?

Casino signup bonuses
We will tell you how to make Thousands of dollars a month taking advantage of online casino bonuses

Arbitrage betting
Bet on Sports and guarantee that you won't lose. Fun and very lucrative strategies.

Building websites to sell
The Website Marketplace is a multi million dollar industry. Anyone can create a site for nominal costs and then resell it for Hundreds or thousands of dollars. We will explain how!

Hundreds of other secrets only the Pros know about, which will allow you to create a site, promote it and get thousands of free visitors per day.

Final thoughts about doing business and making money. The Best advice anyone can give you

Much Much more. This is just a list of some of the topics we discuss in the most comprehensive online money making e-book to ever hit the net.

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